20 years ago, Matt Hurworth started shaping as a ghost shaper for various big Australian surfboard factories. The legendary Gunther Rohn, shaper for Local Motion, was one of the first that looked after him and was a huge influence on his shaping in the early years.


After a few years of learning all the complex characteristics of high performance surfboards, Matt started his stint as head shaper for Shaping Co.Surfboards, one of the oldest surfboard manufacturers in Australia. It was around this time that a young Chippa Wilson, a grom from nearby Cabarita, started turning heads in Australia.

The connection between the two came naturally. Matt was an ex-competitor himself and quickly realised what Chippa needed to keep taking his surfing to higher levels as one of the worlds most innovative and progressive free surfers. The relationship between surfer and shaper was inevitable.


"When Chippa ordered his first board with me, it was an exciting time. Because he redefines surfing and pushes the boundaries to new levels. Doing that, I have to be creative to shape the ultimate performance surfboard which has pushed my boundaries too as a shaper" MH. Shaper.


Nowadays, Matt Hurworth has created his own brand - MH Surfboards located in Tweed Heads, NSW, Australia. Working closely with our team guys like Chippa, Margo and Lempog Jackson in Bali,  we strive to build the best surfboards possible, using only the highest quality materials. If you get a chance, get on one - you wont look back.