MH Shapes

Chippa Limited - Smiling Snakes



Recently Chippa and Matt decided they wanted to work on a capsule range to reflect Chippas experimentation with shapes that are a little left of centre. After a couple of weeks hanging out down the beach and in the shaping bay, the Chippa Limited range was born. Slightly left of centre, high in fun and low in fucks given. All art designed by Chippa. 


After tweaking his knee awhile back, Chippa decided to cruise on a mid length for awhile and soon realised they were a ton of fun, allowing the opportunity to draw different lines on the wave. The Smiling Snakes model is designed to be ridden as a twin fin with a stabiliser and makes use of a clinker style channel for drive and speed. A ton of fun for those days when you want to ride something a little different and experiment with new lines.

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